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Administrative Office

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APMC Yard, Sirsi,  Uttar Kannada District, Karnataka State  Pin-581402



"We are the co-operatives every day commencing business routine with Lakshmi Pooja and Shanti Mantra followed by national anthem as preamble to evoke the sense of belongingness, co-operation and co-ordination among employees to work efficiently & effectively."





ಸ್ವಯಂ ವಿಶ್ವಾಸಾರ್ಹತೆ... ಸ್ವಯಂ ಮಾರ್ಗದರ್ಶನ...


1.Complete faith in self-reliance

2.Establishment of apersecutory (exploitation free) society.

3.Safeguarding interest of all stake holders – Farmers, Customers and Employees.

4.Ensure fair price for the the produce grown by the farmers.

5.Provide Quality goods and services for all.



1.Ensure and take appropriate steps towards securing fair price for the crops grown by the members –for areca nut, pepper and cardamom.

2.Provide quality materials and inputs required for agricultural activity at reasonable price.

3.Provide good standard and qualitative goods and services to all customers including member-farmers.

4.Focus on all round development of all stake holders, establish customer friendly market place.




  • Reception Counter : Informative reception counter to provide helpful information about the institution and guide the members to various sections depending on the requirement, Maintain register of inward and outward correspondences.
  • Deposit Section : Facilitates term deposits out of the money received by the members after selling their produce, auto renewal facility for members.
  • Cash Disbursement & Receipt : Through out the day disbursement  of cash cheque from  9.30 am to 1.00 pm and 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm.
  • Vehicle Section & Purchaser Section : Ensure timely availability of vehicles of various sizes at reasonable rates for bringing produce of the farmer to market. Monitor purchase of traders based on their eligibility and collection of credit bills.
  • Loan Section : Agri & Education Loans - Facilitates needy farmers for loan requirements. Production Loan, Stock Pledge Loan, Deposit Loan with minimum paper work at least possible time provide education loan to the children of members for higher education including overseas education.
  • RTGS/NEFT, Cheque Issue and Accounts Section : Transfer funds required by the farmers through various quicker means and maintain crystal cleared accounts and communicate to the farmers in a totally computerized environment
  • Recovery Section : Ensure smooth and persuasive methods for collection of loan dues in case of default by the farmers and help them in recovering from the financial difficulties. 
  • ATM and Different Schemes : 24 hour Stand alone ATM facility for petty cash requirements connected to the members accounts and acceptance of debit / credit cards, various wallets including own wallet of TSS.
  • Human Resource Management Division : Maintenance of records of all type of Employees/Workers and be complianced with all labor related laws.
  • Record Room and Library : Maintain all records of the transactions of the institution –both in  physical and digital forms. And provide required material/books  for Agriculture and Horticulture related readings for members.
  • Hardware and Software Section : Maintain in running condition the computers and other  electronics gadgets in house and write  and update  software for the entire  activities  and operation of the institution.
  • Function Hall : Provides for space with infrastructure for small and medium gathering for seminars related to farmers.
  • Information Kiosk and Notice Board : Provides all information required to be known by the members and communication to be seen by the members.
  • Well-equipped Board Room : TSS board conducts regular meeting – full board for all matters once a month, business sub committee for matters relating to business development and income once a week and executive committee once in  15 days for matters relating to expenses and investments.
  • Safe Lockers Division : Provides for low cost lockers for keeping important documents and costly ornaments for members.
  • General Manager and President Chamber : Easily accessible to the members at the entrance.
  • Internal Audit Section : Conducts thorough and day to day audit of all transactions of all divisions of TSS with the help of qualified CA. And rectifies and deficiencies immediately. 
  • Members Rest Room : Provides space for resting for members who have come to the institution from a longer distance for a brief period.
  • Dining Hall : Provides for clean and working lunch for members who have come for transacting in the institution as well as for the employees.
  • Spacious Vehicle Parking Area with Security : Separate and Spacious area for Two wheel and four wheel vehicles parking with free valet parking facility to members and customers.   
  • Building Construction/Maintenance Section : Monitors various construction activity undertaken by the institution according to plan given by the management with most of the works undertaken in house and undertake periodic inspection and appropriate measures for the existing buildings‘ maintenance.
  • Areca Tender Hall & Attached Go-Downs : Arranges for quick auctioning of the produce brought by the farmers in line with the time  schedule given by the APMC and arrange for neat and traceable and stocking of goods of members who wants to wait for better price.
  • Super Market and Agri Super Market : Intended to provide all required items to farmers under one roof at less than market rate which prevents exploitation of  farmers  from private traders in spheres of agri inputs and machinery groceries and other house hold needs required by them.
  • Gunny Bags Maintenance Section : Stocks systematically the empty gunny bags  after the auction is over which is brought filled with their produce by farmers
  • Tender Hall Supporting Sports and Cultural Activities : TSS encourages rural talent in  sports and cultural activities to be conducted at its sale hall based on the request from the members.