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Mundgod Branch

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A branch opened at Mundgod  on 4-11-2014 was inaugurated by Shri Shivaram Hebbar, MLA of Yellapur constituency was presided by Shri Shantaram V Hegde, the president of TSS. Mundgod is a taluk place of Uttara kannada district is about 58 kilometers away from  Sirsi. The growth of  areca crops in these plain land areas, absence of co-operative marketing societies, requirement of maize to cattle feed manufacturing, seasonal multi crop cultivation practice of people and requirement of fertilizers and pesticides and opportunity to market many more products and services of the society has inculcated management much to the commencement of a branch at Mundgod. The  branch office is in APMC yard premises.  

Functions and facilities of branch is like this:

1. Purchase of maize and sending to head office

2. Sale of fertilizers and pesticides.

3. Agriculture implements, equipments and furniture.

4. Member addition.


Future Plans 

TSS is proposing to set up a super market including agrisection, where in customers can look forward to getting all items related to Agriculture, Groceries, Cloths, Utensils and even Gold ornaments, which is scheduled to complete by 2021.