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Samrat Guest House

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The SAMRAT Guest House owned and managed by the TSS is in the heart of  Sirsi town is not just well equipped with rooms, restaurant and function hall,  but also playing agent's role for development of tourism. The facilities, friendly services and treatment, affordable room rent to all class of people and the peaceful environment inculcate the visitors to choose TSS samrat. Sirsi is coronet of malnad, a place surrounded by  green and beautiful nature, temple, waterfalls, holy places, forests, peaceful environment invites outsiders and pilgrims to visit and enjoy.  Among the few lodges available TSS Samrat Guest House occupies the first place in all respect. It is managed by a  team of co-operatives and trustworthy services are available 24 hours of the day.  The president of TSS too available here during off times to discuss members needs and developments in co-operation.

History and Development

There is a beautiful saying that  rich man of today become poor of tomorrow and poor of today may be tomorrow's rich in the changing technological and economic scenario. In the past we have seen only rich people, landlords staying in lodges and entering hotels as poor cannot afford. The luxuries of those days became needs of present era. Agriculturists bringing their crops for sale or stock during 1980's were using bullock carts as means of transport. They might have came from remote areas and their work may not be finished on the same day. In such situation they use to stay in their relatives house or in society.  The Samrat Guest House was bought for an amount around Rs 2500000/- on 17-5-1985 to solve such  a difficulty faced by members. The same is renewed and converted into a posh guest house to serve public at large with the passage of time as  the agriculturists improved their standard of living conditions by several means.