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Siddapur Branch

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A new branch at Siddapur was commenced functioning from June 1947 to meet multitude requirements of members. Siddapur is a taluka place in Uttara kannada district surrounded by moderate forests, hill stations, garden lands and paddy growing community is about 37 kilometer away from Sirsi. The people residing here too are depending on paddy fields and crops grown in garden lands inherited. The scope for development of industry and business is poor. TSS with the similar objectives as mentioned in byelaws commenced a branch at Siddapur. Commission agency business was supporting to maintain and run branch successfully and the same is carried over a period of more than 50 years. Later by understanding the pulses of people development activities are accelerated. With the knowledge of market potential and multiple needs of  members and public at large super market and agri super market were commenced in the year 2018. Super market's functioning and facilities are long lasting in the minds of beneficiaries. The branch is equipped with all such facilities and sufficient number of staff to serve better. Tender activities are regular in nature and go-downs are available to store crops. Members having their account in Sirsi can also sale or stock their produces and can avail cash facility. Siddapur branch of TSS has all the amenities that are available at Sirsi including building material section.

TSS has opened Prime Minister's Bharatiya Janoushadhi Kendra and Medical and Surgicals in Siddapur branch to benefit members and public at large.

The branch has separate advisory committee which has the responsibility of overseeing the activities and business of the branch with the help of local board of directors and the members are as below:

1. Ira H. Naik, kolse-Kore

2. Ganapati M.Hegde,Hegnur

3. Manjunath S.Hegde,Bidrakan

4. Shivanand G.Hegde,Targod