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Quality Factors

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 Since Areca Nut is stored and graded into number of varieties in order to fetch desired rate, it should satisfy the certain conditions:


The Maturity, color, glossy appearance, moisture contents, weight etc., determine the quality of boiled nuts. The best nuts of this type are prepared from tendered mature nuts. The outside color, glossy look is crucial and bright, dark brown color is an indicator of freshness and of good quality, while dull appearance reflects the poor quality. At the same time, the inside color of the kernel is also very significant. The best aapi should show creamy white color when it is broken. Moisture content and percentage of broken have same bearing on the quality in case of other varieties. In U.K. District Sirsi, Siddapur, and Yellapur are the famous markets for boiled nuts.


The Maturity, color, appearance, moisture content, strongness tenacity and weight are quality factors. Sirsi, Siddapur, Yellapur, Joida and to some part of Bhatkal are suppliers of Bette quality nuts in the District.


 Nuts should be harvested a little before  normal harvest. Color, size and shape also contributing factors towards the quality. Yellapur area is famous for chikani quality nuts and it attracts many traders and Commission Agents because of quality chikani nuts. This variety is also found in Sirsi and Siddapur markets to a little extent compared to Yellapur.


 The Color, weight, maturity, broken percentage, inside color, durability, smell, size and shape are the major constituents of the quality. Sirsi market is known for good quality of 'Chali' after Mangalore. In 'Bilegotu' variety the strongness weight, size, color, of the skin etc., are the quality indicators. 'Chalikempu', 'Koka' variety is judged based on its thickness, color, smell and utility. In 'Vadaku' variety, color, brokens, inside moisture contents etc., will determine the quality of nuts. Coastal regions of the District too supplies good quality of chali varieties.